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Results include Stage points for all Drivers, including chase Drivers
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POOL : Brutus Monster Challenge
Homestead ( Unofficial )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
10Stewart Motorsports5,455
20Just Because Racing5,268
30Ricky Bobeeeee5,261
41Drift This5,217
5-1Left Turn Burn5,214
6-1Turchak's Terrors5,198
71Bump Drafting5,095
8-1JT Motorsports5,075
101Needs More Help4,993
11-1Second Groove4,985
121LGD Racing 4,936
   Race LeadersComplete results

   Biggest movers
1Drift This45,217
1Bump Drafting75,095
1Needs More Help104,993
1LGD Racing 124,936
-1Left Turn Burn55,214
-1Turchak's Terrors65,198
-1JT Motorsports85,075
-1Second Groove114,985

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