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POOL : Wayne Burtch Memorial 2018
Talladega ( Unofficial )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
10NANA 117,816
20Gezdit Racing17,369
30Tallboys Motorsports 117,128
40Hugh Phillips16,878
50Hugh #116,144
60Papa Joe15,960
70Whitt's Wildride15,584
9-2Randy Muchmore15,562
9-2Nascar Buddy's15,562
11-1Ageless Wonder15,560
120Kens Less15,466
   Race LeadersComplete results

   Biggest movers
3All 4 Tires1814,812
3Hugh #22814,040
2Lance 24913,311
2Dougie's Dogs4413,452
-3Tallboys Motorsports 23114,023
-2Fast Eddie 863713,812
-2Nascar Buddy's915,562
-2Randy Muchmore915,562

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