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POOL : Calder Racing Inc.
Kentucky ( Final )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
20Dean Hoflin2,608
30Jessica wick2,547
40Peggy Popowich2,546
50Tanner Popowich2,531
60Wade Smig2,504
70Polak Racing 2,485
81Elena Gulash2,468
91Len Bonk2,449
10-2Bob Warawa2,440
110Mike and Dana2,423
   Race LeadersComplete results
1Tanner Popowich162
1Wade Smig162
3Ken Malin159
4Jack Christie155
5Elena Gulash154

   Biggest movers
5Jack Christie472,083
4Gail Warawa392,140
3Brenda Tonner262,250
3RTK Racing422,109
-3#1 son 302,222
-2Bob Warawa102,440
-2Barbe Malin292,232
-2G Wickenheiser432,104

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