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POOL : Calder Racing Inc.
Fontana ( Unofficial )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
10Tanner Popowich726
23Wade Smig716
3-1Jessica wick711
58Ken Malin702
60Dean Hoflin701
71Bob Sharun690
87Polak Racing 687
94Bob Warawa678
100Stephane Mayer675
125Joe Gulash669
   Race LeadersComplete results
1Ken Malin187
2Polak Racing 178
2Tanner Popowich178
4Joe Gulash176
5Wade Smig175

   Biggest movers
12Jack Christie27592
12Hank 46533
11Dallys Smig38566
11Smig Kids 42548
-21Gail Warawa48532
-16Tracy Malick39561

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