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Points have been updated to remove the Stage Points from the top 4 Driver / Car#
Thanks NRP Team

NRP Notes

Thanks NRP Team

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POOL : Deer Lake Nascar
Homestead ( Updated )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
21RandB racing4,827
3-1Barney Racing4,803
40Stout Racing4,794
5124 Racing4,784
6-1Jim G4,765
70Mpo racing 4,729
80Walker -Texas Ranger Prayer’s 4,703
90Team Tiny Racing4,683
101team toller4,663
100Macs Landing4,663
120Kulwicki Racing4,637
   Race LeadersComplete results

   Biggest movers
124 Racing54,784
1RandB racing24,827
1team toller104,663
1LB Racing164,462
-1Barney Racing34,803
-1Jim G64,765
-1Junction Racing174,450
0Stout Racing44,794

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