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POOL : Wayne Burtch Memorial 2019
Las Vegas ( Unofficial )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
11Rockin Robin13,482
2-1Marnies Picks13,402
30Let The Games Begin13,328
50Fasteddie 9013,027
6-1Team Action12,997
70Tallboys Motorsports 212,134
70Nascar Buddies12,134
90Hoss #312,047
100Poppa Dee Racing11,962
112Kimbodawg 6211,951
12-1Hoss #111,932
12-1Riley's Racers11,932
   Race LeadersComplete results

   Biggest movers
3John Putnam3410,418
2Chasin9 The Dream2011,660
2Kimbodawg 621111,951
-4Fitz's Fastest ?4610,268
-2Gramma "J"2211,641
-2Granny's Pit5410,031
-2Ike It3810,376

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