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POOL : Wayne Burtch Memorial 2019
Richmond ( Final )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
10Wylie Racing2,053
20Steven Burnett2,052
30Island Critters1,979
42Hoss #31,967
5-1H-D 1151,966
6-1Heather Burnett1,957
753 Dog Nite1,929
81Jimmy 481,928
9-2Kyle Is #11,917
100Veley Girls1,913
114Big Apple1,909
12-4Randy Muchmore1,890
   Race LeadersComplete results
13 Dog Nite245
2Big Apple230
3NANA 1229
5Poppa Dee Racing227
5Roadrunners #2227

   Biggest movers
8Poppa Dee Racing161,880
6Rockin Robin211,859
6Shake N Bake131,887
-9Let The Games Begin261,850
-6Big Pappa Pump341,807
-6Gramma "J"391,785
-6Ike It181,874

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