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POOL : OilPatch Racing
Richmond ( Final )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
11Cable Guy3,128
2-1820 Racing3,097
32Shake & Bake3,076
40big rob3,061
5-2Intimidator 3,028
61Girl Driver3,015
74Pit Girl3,000
71Krazy Kratchy3,000
9-3RZR Racing2,994
100Checker Flag2,984
11-2Team Domination2,982
   Race LeadersComplete results
1Cable Guy388
2Shake & Bake384
3Pit Girl377
448 Vengeance375

   Biggest movers
4Pit Girl73,000
2Shake & Bake33,076
1Cable Guy13,128
1Girl Driver63,015
-3RZR Racing92,994
-2Intimidator 53,028
-2Team Domination112,982
-1820 Racing23,097

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