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POOL : Calder Racing Inc.
Bristol ( Final )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
11Joe T2,963
30Joe Gulash2,934
50Donna Bonk2,904
61Marilyn Belcourt2,889
71Major Overhaul Racing2,880
82Barb Malin2,873
94Danny P2,872
10-1Polak Racing2,862
11-5Bob Warawa2,851
124Kick Ass2,836
   Race LeadersComplete results
1Danny P145
2Mike Nicholson143
3Ken Malin142
4Joe T141
5Dallys 137

   Biggest movers
7Greg Wick372,656
6Robert Karall292,720
5Ken Malin132,834
5Bob Arial272,726
-7Miranda 242,768
-5Bob Warawa112,851
-5Ken Karall322,700
-4Lloyd 152,822

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