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POOL : Cheebah Racing
Pocono II ( Final )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
11Hermchief Racing3,280
2-1Speed Demons3,269
31Shake 'n' Bake3,253
4-1Pit Box Racing3,251
50Wutt Racing3,214
612E Racing3,157
60LNS Racing3,157
83Racing One3,152
90Z Racing 23,142
10-2Lube Job3,116
111SNL Racing3,111
13-3R&R Race Dogs3,076
140J Racing3,066
   Race LeadersComplete results

   Biggest movers
3Racing One83,152
1Hermchief Racing13,280
1Shake 'n' Bake33,253
12E Racing63,157
-3R&R Race Dogs133,076
-2Lube Job103,116
-1Speed Demons23,269
-1Pit Box Racing43,251

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