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POOL : Pit Stop Delaware
Phoenix ( Final )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
10AzzKiKr Racing7,990
22Sue's World7,980
3-1Falcon Racing7,979
4-1Dusty Diamond Motorsports7,966
50Rentalman Racing7,932
60Dirty Bridz7,903
81Oilfield Class7,798
9-1Princess Power Racin7,783
100Hodges Hot Rodz7,697
110Sparx R Flyin7,653
120Hodge Man Racin7,618
130Just Dewey It7,596
142Two Kings Racing7,591
   Race LeadersComplete results
1Sue's World270
2Dirty Bridz264
3Oilfield Class257
4IBB Racing252
5JLDA Racing249

   Biggest movers
2Sue's World27,980
2Two Kings Racing147,591
2IBB Racing306,990
1Oilfield Class87,798
-2Fightin In The Fast Lane167,570
-1Dusty Diamond Motorsports47,966
-1Falcon Racing37,979
-1Princess Power Racin97,783

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