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POOL : Calder Racing Inc.
Phoenix ( Final )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
10Poliack Racing4,619
20Bob Arial4,515
31Juanita Mayes4,509
4-1Major Racing4,507
50Ken Klassen4,475
60Peggy Popowich4,467
70Barbe Malin4,466
80Doug Daiward4,458
9-1Smig Kids4,440
100Thea McDougall4,432
112#1 Son4,362
120Sophia Seath-Karall4,350
13-2Paul Janssens4,349
141Roy Mayes4,330
   Race LeadersComplete results
1Teague Karall172
2Barbe Malin159
4Doug Daiward157
5Ken Klassen155
5#1 Son155

   Biggest movers
2#1 Son114,362
2Jack Christie164,322
2Teague Karall184,314
1Juanita Mayes34,509
-2Paul Janssens134,349
-2#2 Son194,312
-1Major Racing44,507

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