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POOL : Calder Racing Inc.
Pocono II ( Final )


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   Season LeadersComplete results
10Len Bonk1,972
20Poliack Racing1,930
30Ken Klassen1,892
40Peggy Popowich1,889
52Smig Kids1,855
64Thea McDougall1,852
71Bob Arial1,847
8-3Barbe Malin1,846
93Major Racing1,842
103Juanita Mayes1,830
11-5Sophia Seath-Karall1,821
122Wade Smig1,819
135Doug Daiward1,815
14-3Teague Karall1,805
   Race LeadersComplete results
1Poliack Racing167
2Doug Daiward162
3Thea McDougall157
4Major Racing155
5#2 Son154
5Len Bonk154

   Biggest movers
7Robert Karall231,766
7#2 Son251,761
6Ken Karall171,797
5Doug Daiward131,815
-7Tanner P151,801
-6Gary L301,736

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