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NASCAR Racing Pool is the place to be for NASCAR Pool hosting.
   was developed to help pool managers run their Nascar pools online. We do all the hard work by calculating, scoring and ranking your players' teams twice every week (24 hours after the race and Wednesday when points go final). Our flexible scoring and multiple formats give you the ability to recreate or to develop a new nascar pool online. Choose to score your pool by Driver or Car, allow or limit trades, add Salary caps, limit the amount of times a driver can be pick. Click here to see our formats and options. If you don't see your format let us know, we are always looking for ways to improve our site.

Our system was specially designed to allow pool players to have several team in one pool or joining several pools at the same time. So if you are running two fantasy pools, you can run both at the same time.

Whether your pool is big or small, we offer you the same reports of the results : Week, Quarter, Season, Players Picks for last race, biggest mover/loser and Seasonal +/- (are you closer to victory lanel or hit the marbles). Calculate twice a week (Unofficial and Final results). Take a look.

And here’s what else you’ll find at NASCAR Racing Pool: Driver news and stats, NASCAR Race Results to help build your perfect Team.

The cost is the same regardless of your pool format or options selected. We calculate and keep track of all your stats. No more time spent calculating results, manually doing trades. We free up your time to focus on growing your pool and building the best team to rise to victory lane. All for the low starting cost of $2 per team for the Season ($0.06/team/week).
Even less if your pool has more than 200 teams. Knowing that people always join at the last minute, we only calculate your costs (count your teams) until after the second race. This gives you time to focus on growing your pool and validating your teams.

Getting started is easy. Whether you want to create your own Nascar pool or join your friend's pool you will simply need to register (free). Once logged in, select to join a pool or Create a Pool and follow the easy steps.
NOTE: you will need the "Pool Code" to join a pool.
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