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Funkhouser Memorial
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2020 POOLS
2020 SJ Nascar LeagueResults
Alloway VetsResults
Calder Racing Inc.Results
CFD StationResults
CFD Station ChaseResults
Cheebah RacingResults
Deer Lake NascarResults
Dog The Labonte HunterResults
Funkhouser MemorialResults
Gaboys 2020Results
Goon RacinResults
Jocko Flocko Race LeagueResults
Johnston Autostores Nascar PoolResults
Left Turnin and Tire BurninResults
Limerick Results
LONE STAR Season 2Results
MCI CupResults
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Mile High Crew 2020Results
MOOSE 2020Results
my neck is redResults
Nascar ChallengeResults
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Redneck RacingResults
RHs NASCAR 2020Results
Skid marks are goodResults
Speed FreaksResults
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Texas League 2nd HalfResults
The Star Racing PoolResults
Tylers Lakeside Barber Shop NASCAR PoolResults
w.n.y.flying lugnutzResults
Wayne Burtch Memorial 2020Results
Wheaty Nascar PoolResults
Wheel ThangResults
wood river nascarResults

We currently offer 4 official formats for your Nascar Fantasy Pool needs: Pick'em, Salary Cap, Box (Groups) and Weekly Pick. Each format is customisable to suite your players skill level and to meet your current NASCAR Pool needs. Running your own unique format? Let us know. Our system is very flexable. Tired of calculating your pool? We can help.

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  Pick'em Salary Cap BOX (Group) Weekly Pick
  Players pick any Driver from a list of all Drivers. Players can pick any Driver from a list of all Drivers without going over your Salary Cap. Players pick 1 Driver from each Box (Group of Drivers). Players pick any Driver from a list of all Drivers.
Score by Driver
(Include / Exclude Penalties)
Score by Car #
(Include / Exclude Penalties)
Choose # Trades in season
Choose # Drivers in a Team
Choose # of BOX (Groups)
Choose how may time a driver can be picked
Make your own BOXs (Groups)
Adjust the Salary Cap
Cost for the Season $2/Team $2/Team $2/Team $2/Team
    Pool Overview (Season Leader, Race Leaders, Biggest Mover)
Season Result (Rank, Change in position, Points)
Weekly Results
Quarterly Results
Team Pick (Past weeks)
Player Picks (upto prior Race)

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